With a smile

When I was a child, I was always seen with a huge smile. It amazed everyone that I was happy all of the time. How could that be?

Now as an adult I still wear the huge smile but not as much, maybe about eighty percent of the time. Other times when my eyebrows are furrowed, I’m in deep thought but still smiling on the inside.

No matter what goes on in my life, I decided that my smile was my best accessory, my best weapon and my ultimate truth.

So I smile big and very often.

It not only helps me create an aura of positive energy, it allows me to transfer that energy to others. In some ways I feel like my smile is my super power and that my laugh can drive away all hurt, anger and sadness and that if I see a stranger we can automatically connect back to our essence…with a smile.


Headshot by Blaze Hall.
“Smile from the inside, out.”

-Be bold, be free, Be Batani-Khalfani!

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